because I Am a Girl.

“Because I Am a Girl” campaign creates awareness of issues that keep girls from getting an education and seeks ways to empower girls worldwide.

Here we celebrate all of God’s creation but find it necessary to uplift, support and encourage the oppressed, those who are trampled upon in society, treated unjustly and used for the profit, pleasures and benefit of those more powerful in society… among them, Women and Girls. Yes, it’s International Day of the Girl child.

Just recently a 14 year old sister blogger, Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan was shot in the head for blogging about her life as a girl under Taliban rule. Malala’s major objection was the Taliban’s prohibition of the education of females. Hold her and other girls in your heart.

Girls suffer child marriages, human trafficking, rape, prostitution and zero opportunity. Join us in solidarity with girls and women worldwide. We support this effort with our prayers, our time, our resources and our money.

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About Calenthia Dowdy

Calenthia Dowdy (PhD, American University) is a cultural anthropologist and youth ministry educator who focuses on urban youth and culture in the U.S. and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Alongside teaching, speaking and writing on youth, cities, race, gender, and faith, she serves as the director of faith initiatives at a comprehensive community health center that specializes in HIV/AIDS care