Emmett Till. Trayvon Martin. Jordan Davis.

… and others whose names we don’t know. “This is no country for young black men.”

Seventeen year old Jordan Davis and his friends were sitting in the car of one of their fathers, and they were playing loud music. Teenagers do that sometimes, but if you’re young, black, and male, you can be killed for listening to loud music, or for wearing a hoodie while walking home at night, or for commenting that a girl is pretty. Once again America has no love for young black males.

“Citing the gruesome murder of Emmett Till in the 1950s, Melissa Harris-Perry said that one thing has remained the same over generations of American history: ‘No presumption of innocence for young black men, no benefit of the doubt. Guilt not determined by what they did or said but presumed to be inherent in their very being. They need not wield a weapon to pose a threat because if you are a young black man, you are threat enough.’ ”         Click and Listen here:  Melissa-Harris-Perry Mourns Jordan-Davis

Lord, Lord, Lord. Like Marvin said, “what’s going on?” Same ol, same ol. God’s gonna judge you America.