pieces of a dream

Grasping at pieces of dreams within an expanse of nightmares. The older I get the less I dream, the more cynical I become. But with conscious energy I push back, hope, laugh loud, and play with children… because children dream. They can’t help but dream. King dreamt too, and he was murdered…Shattered…pieces of a dream. We grasp at the nuggets, push back the dream stealers.

I played an old wise man in a stage production about the biblical character Joseph, his vivid dreams, and that colorful coat. Youth ministers… we find ourselves doing all sorts of dreamy things. I think the play was called Dreamer, based on the Old Testament story. Joseph had dreams that his brothers didn’t like so they sold him to slavers and he wound up working for the Egyptian pharaoh. As fate would have it, Joseph eventually saved his brothers from life threatening famine. Nobody likes a dreamer, but the dreamer always wins.

Martin King was a Young dreamer and his nation killed him. He fought with words of truth and love, since truth without love is empty and love without truth is blind. King left us early; however his dream floated on.

Monday is the national celebration of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He would have been an old wise man of 84. Monday is also the second inauguration of the first black president of the United States of America. The dreamer must be smiling as we continue to grab pieces of the dream… Just pieces… but the best is yet to come. Nobody likes a dreamer, but the dreamer always wins. Don’t stop believing. Don’t stop dreaming.

Happy Birthday Dr. King. Congratulations President Obama. January 21, 2013

Obama and King


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Calenthia Dowdy (PhD, American University) is a cultural anthropologist and youth ministry educator who focuses on urban youth and culture in the U.S. and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Alongside teaching, speaking and writing on youth, cities, race, gender, and faith, she serves as the director of faith initiatives at a comprehensive community health center that specializes in HIV/AIDS care