Listening to Ashton

I keep hearing of the low work ethic of the millennials. I keep hearing how the consumer culture of church shopping is killing us all, especially the faith of the young. I keep hearing how young people are flocking away from that which honors God. I disagree. I can write a long post here on why and how but I’ll save that for another day.

For a long time I have been and will continue to be a fan of young people. (OK, even calling them “young people” makes me sound old. I can handle that.)

One of the most talked about stories this week comes from the teen choice awards over the weekend. Say what you want, Ashton Kutcher could teach a thing or two about communicating with this generation. Even more, he could teach many adults a thing or two about just how authentic young people are and that they will stand for nothing less. Time to strip down, stop trying to impress and get real.

I can’t imagine Mr. Kutcher was thinking about the parable of the talents when he wrote his speech, but he certainly could have been. Be smart, thoughtful and generous. Can we say benediction?


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Amy Jacober (PhD, Fuller Seminary) is a youth ministry veteran with ministry and teaching experience. She focuses on practical theology, urban ministry, theology & disability, and marginalized communities. She is a volunteer youth worker in her church and community, lead consultant with Youth Ministry Architects and serves on the Young Life Capernaum national board. In her free time she can be found playing with her three young children, husband, and oversized dog.