50 years in ministry


My father in law died suddenly this past week. He had just retired in May to be a full time Grandpa! The previous 50 years he spent in full time ministry.

When I decided to align my life around ministry, I didn’t have any family member offering wisdom. I married into more experience in one family than I could ever have expected. He is a great man. He has a great legacy. He loved Jesus, the church AND knew the dark side of ministry. The heartache and frustration that can and often does arrive when we least expect it, from those whom we least expect it. And still he chose to be in it.

There is much that I could write. For today…for all of the past and current students, friends, ministerial connections and acquaintances who have wondered if longevity in ministry is possible. I say loudly IT IS! I have seen it. I have had it touch my life closely. I intend to follow in those footsteps.

Be encouraged. Hang in there. You have no idea what God has around the corner.

Thanks Baba.

Thanks Lt. Col. Raymond Peacock, DMin.

Salvation Army Officer for 50 years, now promoted to glory.

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About Amy Jacober

Amy Jacober (PhD, Fuller Seminary) is a youth ministry veteran with ministry and teaching experience. She focuses on practical theology, urban ministry, theology & disability, and marginalized communities. She is a volunteer youth worker in her church and community, lead consultant with Youth Ministry Architects and serves on the Young Life Capernaum national board. In her free time she can be found playing with her three young children, husband, and oversized dog.