The Jesus Gun giveaway

Kentucky Baptist Convention gives away guns  to lure new members. In fact, it goes so far as to say this for an outreach to rednecks. Amazing that they can be so offensive to so many people in such a short span of time. The jokes are almost too easy on a story like this. A few notes here…I did choose a link to FOX for the story so I don’t receive loads of comments about unfair treatment from “liberal media”.Even here it reads like they have lost touch with reality. For a slightly edgier look at the same story, check out What Would Jesus Shoot?  Both stories states this is for hunters…OK. But take this to the logical extreme and it seems like the KBC will be handing out all manner of interesting items just to grab the attention of those not in their churches. Way to be transformative…oh wait, I mean just the opposite.

I am aghast at reading this…even more that it isn’t satire, a joke or a hoax. It’s real people and this is one great reason why so many are confused by those of who claim to be followers of Jesus…you know, the Prince of Peace.



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